Welcome to Whispers From the Story Forest


Like every avid reader, I started reading as a child and still remember many of the books I read back then. Unlike many others I stopped reading children’s books when I was barely thirteen and didn’t return to them until later. I accidentally came across a post on Tom’s Midnight Garden and was tempted to read the book. Shortly after that I read Thirteen Reasons Why and it blew me away. I loved both books so much that they rekindled a long-forgotten passion – children’s books and books for YA. While I come to these books as an enthusiastic reader, I also come to them as a writer. Already when I was reading children’s books as a kid, I started writing for children. At first it was a way to cheer myself up, later it became a vocation and something that enriched my writing for adults.

I have completed two books for children, one is the first in a chapter book series for children aged 5+, the other one a MG novel. Both are currently making the rounds of agents and publishing houses.

Since last year, I felt the urge to give this passion a home. While I still write about and review books for adults on my blog Beauty is a Sleeping Cat, I will  write about reading and writing books for children and young adults on Whispers From The Story Forest.

You will find different posts on this blog—reviews, musings on KidLit, writing advice and prompts, news from other countries, resources for KidLit writers and much more.

I hope you’ll join me on my  journey.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Whispers From the Story Forest

  1. Loved your post, Caroline! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on children’s books and YA literature! I love both these genres and many of my favourite books are from these genres. Love the cover image of your new blog – it has a fairytale feel to it 🙂 Also love its name – so beautiful! Looking forward to reading your chapter book and MG book soon. This is such wonderful news! Congratulations!


    • Thanks so much, Vishy.
      The photos were taken in Morocco.
      I was hoping it would have a fairy tale feel. Some of my most enjoable books last year were MG and Ya novels.
      The MG novel needs another revision. Sometimes one is too eager to submit. 🙂


      • They are so beautiful, Caroline! Morocco seems to be such a beautiful place! I remember you saying that Yves Saint-.Laurent had gardens there. So glad to know that some of your favourite books from last year were MG and YA novels 🙂 I can’t wait to read your MG novel! Happy writing / revising!


      • I missed your comment. Sorry.
        Thanks, Vishy. Yes, I tokk them in the Yves Saint-Laurent gardens. Or rather – the former YSL garden as it has been sold.
        I’m revising daily now. 🙂


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